The Experiment – Updates

Day 3-5:

I stopped updating how my phone withdrawl was going because it was going so well! I really didn’t feel bothered on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. I turned my phone back on Friday after work and still haven’t really looked at it. I’m happy and relieved to know that I wasn’t as hooked as I thought. I’m still going to be mindful about using my phone to avoid being present or feeling bored. One thing I really noticed was how feeling bored wasn’t as boring as I thought it would be.

Day 2:

Made it through day 2 in good shape! The anxiety of missing something is subsiding a little bit. I went a for a walk at lunch and just spent some time with no phone, no book, no work, no nothing. As I was eating lunch I was surprised how quiet I felt. I wasn’t being bombarded by information or distracting myself from the moment. I felt a bit bored, but in a really good way.

Day 1:

You know that feeling that you have either forgotten something or that perhaps your fly is open?  That’s the best way to describe today.  I made it through better then I thought I would.  I felt an underlying anxiety that something would happen and I wouldn’t have my phone on me, but nothing happened 🙂

I’m ready for Day 2

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