Throwing My Cap in the Air!

This is a really special day for me.  The 1st part of a life long journey is coming to a close.  Today is the official close of the Newfield Coach Training Program.

I have been blessed to take part in one of the top coaching programs in the world.  I started in October 2013 with so many questions about what was going to happen.  What exactly was ontological coaching, Would I like it? Could I actually do this?  Would I be any good at it?  I did the 1st part of the program through the University of Calgary and I did the actual Coach Training portion in Colorado.  Along the way I have met so many amazing people who have taught me so much.  Not just about Coaching but also about myself.  I know I have found my true calling, every hour I have spent coaching has been so rewarding.  I’m so grateful for all of the support I have had to get to this point.

Coaching is a true service profession and I love knowing that I will be able to spend my time in service to others.  I believe we are all whole and complete beings with all the strength and resources we need.  Sometimes we get stuck and a powerful conversation can help clear the path to new possibilities for action.  Having the opportunity to be a part of those conversations is a gift.

The future is so bright and I’m excited to take the next step.

This is the 2014 graduating class of The Newfield Network Coach training program 🙂


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