The Art of Being Balanced

Wouldn’t it be great to have more time?  More time to do all the things you want to do AND do all the things you have to do?  Well, you don’t.  You have 24hrs in a day just like everybody else.  Do you use your time wisely or does your time use you?  This week I’m joined by Carina Huggins and we talk about being balanced, being multi-passionate and making the best use of time.

Carina Huggins is an award-winning academic development specialist at the University of Calgary, where she works one on one with students in developmental advising and academic coaching.  Using strengths-based advising, positive psychology and her background as a certified ontological coach, Carina specializes in working with varsity, national and olympic athletes balancing dual identities at the University.

Carina is a digital influencer and writer at the website, a successful Etsy business owner and jewelry designer, mother of two under two and tech entrepreneur, working on an upcoming children’s’ book and iOS app.  You can find her on Instagram @carina_huggins @thegreatmaternityleave

Justin Bergeron is an ICF Certified Coach who specialized in Career and Leadership Coaching.   With a long background in Recruiting, HR and Leadership Development, Justin (JB to his friends) is passionate about meaningful one on one conversation.

You can find him at or on Twitter and Instagram he is @justinbergeron

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